The Minu brand came about as a result of my own interest and passion around a hobby, with the intent of creating style and comfort that both babies and parents could appreciate.

Babywearing became a passion for me shortly after my daughter Vilma was born. Before that, I didn’t know much about baby wraps and or babywearing, but suddenly a new opportunity had opened up for me. I got to my first wrap by chance, when I found a really long piece of fabric in my closet and I Googled how to make a home-made one :) After managing to get my daughter in the wrap, she quickly fell asleep and calmed down, and it felt as if I’d managed to soothe her with own hands and body. Since then, carrying has become our favourite activity.I

Later I began to think about ways to carry her that were more comfortable but still looked stylish. I was interested in more materials and trying to find the most appropriate type, and when I did it exceeded my own expectations and criteria. I was super excited to share this new product with my friends and their friends. After careful testing of the first pieces I received positive feedback and led me to create Minu's online store.

Together with my husband and daughter we are based in Prague. 

Mari Pražská