Minu - always at hand

You’ve already decided to buy a babywearing wrap for yourself and your newly-born baby but you’ve absolutely not thought of what kind of wrap to buy. The offer is so diverse! What kind of wrap should you choose for the first weeks and months so that it’s suitable for both of you, and practical and easy-to-handle at the same time? What kind of wrap is best for warm summer months? What material should you choose so that it’s comfortable for you, and most of all, for your baby?

One of the greatest advantages of an elastic wrap is its compactness. When compared to solid wraps, the Minu wrap is very thin and light. Thanks to this it’s also really practical. And this is – especially in the first weeks after birth – one of the most important criteria for all mothers. At the same time, it’s also ideal for the coming summer months. Due to the airy Modal Tencel™ material, which is very soft to touch, you’ll sweat less in the Minu wrap and feel really comfortable even during those warm summer days.

Whether you’re planning to buy a wrap for everyday use or perhaps only in cases of emergency, the advantages of an elastic wrap are beyond doubt. It’s suitable and practical for every occasion. It’s compact and light. It takes up very little space and thus you can have it on hand all the time. For instance, when you go for a walk with your pram and your baby starts to get restless and needs picking up. Or when you visit someone or somewhere and you aren’t able to put your baby into a bed to rest. In addition to this, the Minu wrap can also be used during everyday activities for which you need both your hands free. For example in the garden in summer or when your baby gets restless lying on the blanket and wants to be picked up. Or, if you need to carry a larger toddler, you can tie him or her quickly because having your wrap on hand all the time is both practical and convenient. You can even put the Minu wrap into your trouser pocket (we’ve already tried this☺). Moreover, the Minu wrap has a practical pocket at one end. You can easily fold it into this pocket and create a sort of a small 'envelope'. It’s so practical!