Why choose an elastic wrap?

Expecting mothers are always on the lookout for ways to nurture and care for their babies. These concerns include carrying options, and the use of wraps has gained popularity nowadays. But how to choose the best one? There are a variety of rich and varied options on the Internet, both in terms of view of size, material, and method of tying - for a beginner, it can feel overwhelming!

The basic question when choosing a wrap should be whether to get an elastic or woven wrap, and both have advantages.

The elastic wrap stands out for its simplicity of binding, so even a beginner can tie it easily. The choice is also facilitated by the fact that the elastic wrap has one size that fits both men and women. An undeniable advantage is its lightweight and breathable material, so the body to body contact is more comfortable for both the newborn and the wearer. Elastic wraps can be used for babies who are over a year old, but for ideal comfort it is designed for the first months of life (6-9 months, depending on weight).

Hard (woven) wraps have an advantage in their carrying capacity. Thanks to its strength and durability, it can carry a relatively large child. If you choose a new one for this wrap, it is important to keep in mind that it should be "worn" so that the harness is firmly held. Many budding mothers may discourage tying. When tying a woven wrap it is necessary to bind it firmly. Many mothers tend to be afraid that their baby will fall out of their bindings, but with a little practice it can become an ideal choice. At the same time, the woven wraps come in several sizes, which can also be a bit confusing for the beginner.

Which one to decide?

For first time mothers and newborns, an elastic wrap can be more appropriate because it is easy to tie forward. A practical feature of an elastic wrap is also the multiple uses of having one harness. With a doctor, you just have to pull the baby out and return it back to check. There’s no need to fiddle with harnesses or settings, which saves a lot of time and stress, especially if you are doing a changing. Another advantage of the elastic wrap is it’s breathability, and the lightweight material is perfect for summer months.

It is aksi important to think about how long you are planning on carrying your baby. In those first few months and up to a year before the child has learned to walk, the use of a wrap is extremely convenient and contributes to the nurturing bond between mother and child. For young babies, the psychological and physical closeness has a number of benefits in the “fourth trimester” - in other words, those formative months after birth.

Need advice on choosing a wrap? Or share with us your experience with one or the other wrap? Feel free to write to us in the comments. We are interested in your feedback.